Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

A Little Woman Whose Inspired by Jo "The Little Women"

At that time, I was just 9 years old. Sitting alone in my room, writing something in my diary. My Mom went in. Her face looked unhappy. "Kids. Writing a diary like a grown ups, huh!"

Not for long, my sister came in. She just stood there by the door for a while and said, "You will be become a writer, someday." Yes, I will, I said to myself.

From the first time I saw a cartoon series called "The Little Women", I know that "Jo" is the best character in that series. Jo is the second daughter of 4 from the Little's. Unlike her sisters, Jo has a strong character. She is very energetic and full of enthusiatism. Willing to sacrifice more than the other. And she wanted to become a famous writer. Although at the end, she didn't success of being a writer, she still put smile on her face and walk proudly.

Jo is not only want to be a writer, but she also dream and live like a writer. When I chose IPA in my high school, I still want to be a writer. Though I chose Medical Faculty as my first choise for college, I remembered Mira W. who is a doctor yet a famous writer. And when at the end, I didn't pass Medical and Psychology Faculty as my first and my second choice, I felt that it was my destiny to live my life as a Dutch Literature student.

And that’s true. I was living my dream. I fell in love everyday. And a year after my graduation day, I became an editor in one of the biggest publisher in Indonesia. God is good.

After seven years swimming in lake of books, I decided to focus on my children. But I never stop writing. In fact, I can write even more. Short stories, songs, and poetries. Just like Jo. She couldn't have kids, so she make her house as a place for foster kids. Lots of kids. With her husband, they grew up the kids with love, adventure, and laughter.

“Tulisan ini diikutsertakan dalam GA pertama Mencari Motivasi


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  1. Iya, bahkan kebanyakan penulis terkenal jarang berlatar belakang sastra. Karena menulis itu adalah pekerjaan hati. Tulisan yang di jiwai akan menyentuh banyak jiwa.

    thanks udah ikutan..

  2. he eh, saya yg sudah menyandang titel jad iharus bekerja keras mempertahankan keesiskan :) masa jadi komentator terus

  3. what a great spirit mbak. hebat bisa mencapai impian! sy mlh sedang kembali menggali kesukaan lama di waktu kecil dl. sy jg dl suka nulis diary. namanya "matahari". ditulis di buku tulis terbagus yg saya punya. :-)

  4. wah dinamain bukunya. diary ku banyak sekali, jadi tidak bisa sebut nama karena masing2 dibungkus dgn mood saat itu. soal menulis, entah kenapa tidak bisa jauh2 dari hal ini. bahkan sudah tambah profesi jadi bakul kue tetap aja sisipin hobi nulis ;p sukses ya menggali kesukaan lamanya :D